In order to recognise and accept strange values willingly and freely,
you must have your own.
Arthur Schopenhauer
Association of the organ experts of Germany Information about the association of the organ experts of Germany
Community of the organ friends International association for all, that feel close to organs
International Society of Organbuilders Professional society of the international organ builder
American Guild of Organists National organization of church and concert organists in the USA
Organ building Germany German enterprises of organ building and organizations introduce themselves
Matthias Eisenberg Biografie, concerts, Diskographie, reports and guest book
Organ duo Iris and Carsten Lenz The organ duo Iris and Carsten Lenz, one of the leading organ duos in Europe at this time.
Christoph Brueckner Christoph Brueckner is a very engaged organist. He is specialised in organ music of the classic and romantic era.
Publishing houses
Edition Punctum Saliens Fine specialized publishing house for music and church history.
Schott Musik Music publishing house for classical and contemporary music.
Baerenreiter Publishing house for complete edition, piano excerpts, edition for original text, piano music and music books.
Breitkopf & Haertel The oldest music publishing house of the world
Music publishing house C. F. Peters Renowned music and note publishing house with the "modern edition of the classical authors"
Haenssler publishing house Christian Internet bookshop with a comprehensive assortment of books, videos, software and music from more than 180 Christian publishing houses.
Forums and magazines
Organ magazine of Muenster Current messages from the organ world
Organ point of Trier Chorus and organ music of Germany’s oldest city, with much interesting information
Information portal around the organ Worth knowing around the organ, organ forum
Magazine on European Organ Art Comprehensive Internet sites of "Europe’s oldest magazines on Organ Art"
Worth knowing
Intonation, research and explanations Repository for theory and practice knowledge about the organ, by Reiner Janke
Organ building Rohlf Organbuilding Rohlf offers an interesting program of mensurs for download
Publishing house of organ building Publishing house of organ building, Rensch Enterprise, Germany
Encyclopedia of Organ Stops English encyclopedia of the organ registers with design details and sound examples
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