The most important loyalty of the artist
is the one relating to quality.
Jean-Louis Barrault

Sound worlds

At Orgelbau Oppel everything, from the draft proposal to the completion of the each organ project, is all of a piece. Individuality is our special strength - the high requirements of our customers are our obligation.

Characterful pleasing individual voices and harmonious tutti characterise our intonation.

Draft and planning

We plan and design each organ project for you with great care. The needs of our customers and the acoustic conditions receive special consideration.

Detail of a console with inlay work

We carefully study the architecture of the room or space. In this way we design a unified piece of art – the instrument and the space in which it is located – whether as independent counterpoint or as stylistic fusion with the architecture. A precise sound planning guarantees a wonderful total composition.


Long-proven tradition of organ building and innovative engineering merge into a fascinating whole. Craftsmanship in absolute precision, connected with a high degree or creativity define our work.

Selected materials and attention to detail guarantee an impressive sound experience. From this unique synthesis comes an organ of lasting value, built for the future.


We attach the greatest importance to the loving finish of all details. If desired our organs can be refined by excellent gold leaf application and detailed carving.

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