I have only the simplest taste:
I am always satisfied with the best.
Oscar Wilde
Stephan Oppel, Inhaber der Firma Orgelbau Oppel

Out of love for the organ

Fascinated by the pipe organ since my childhood, I received my first organ and piano lessons at the age of seven. Even at that time I took every opportunity to explore the organ heritage of my homeland, until I decided in 1989 to become an organ builder. My occupation has been a vocation from the very beginning. After my education I broadened my horizons with many well-known master organ builders.

In 2000 I founded my own business for organ building, in order to set new standards for the highest quality. After gaining my master organ builders qualification I moved to a new workshop in a historic half-timbered house.

For each project my team and me have as our absolute priority the perfect synthesis of room, sound and architecture.

Stephan Oppel
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