Curiosity is always at the forefront of a problem,
that wants to be solved.
Galileo Galilei

Proximity to our customers

Tuning and maintenance are an important contribution to the care of our organ landscape and to the preservation of each organ. We have considerable experience of all technical systems and can offer you fast and reliable support.

We would willingly advise you concerning all organ issues. Our delight is in your challenges.

Tuning tool

Our Service:

  • Maintenance contract, tuning and cleaning
  • Concepts for cost reduction
  • Organ preservation (inside renovation)
  • Repairing and restoration
  • Image and text documentation
  • Voicing
  • State reports
  • Emergency support
  • Treatment of mould-infested organs
  • Service around reed organ:
  • restauration
  • repairing
  • new building reed organ stool
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